New Anti-VPN System


On our network we have started to implement a range of systems to stop players ban evading and much more. One of these is an Anti-VPN System.

Our Anti-VPN System
Our Anti-VPN System blacklists a vary of ISPs which are commonly used for VPNs, Within the login sequence, we check your ISP connected to your IP address and then check if it is blacklisted.

What happens if I use a VPN?
Nothing will happen to your account, but you will be kicked if you are detected using a VPN, You will not be permanently/temporarily punished, so if you accidentally join with one you can still disable it and play on our network.

Why am I affected by this?
If you are not using a VPN and are being affected by our system, please contact an Administrator so they can assist you with your issue.

What ISPs are blacklisted?
The list of ISPs we have blacklisted will remain undisclosed, but if you know any we should add to our list, contact an Administrator and we may append it to our blacklisted ISPs.